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Pentadio Resort

Pentadio Resort

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    Gorontalo is located in the northern area of Sulawesi, more specifically the Minahassa Peninsula. It is a province of Indonesia and is a large stretch over the map from the west to the east coast. The total land area of Goronatalo is 4,716.4 square miles with the Sulawesi Sea in the north and the Gulf of Tomini in the south. The capital of Gorontalo follows the same name and is known as the Gorontalo City.

    Gorontalo is known as Indonesia’s best kept secret as it is home to a beautiful underwater paradise of magical proportions. Gorontalo provides for a truly memorable diving experience for island visitors and tourists. Towering limestone cliffs surround the area and shallow coral reefs rim the coastline. The limestone cliffs stretch deep into the sea and have a history of diverse rock formations that make them a unique wonder to experience. The two most visited areas are the Tomini Bay and the Olele beach to experience an amazing equatorial diving experience.

  • Best time to dive Gorontalo

    The dive season for Gorontalo is from November to April due to the local ocean conditions. Thi is due to the strong winds and currents that make diving around Gorontalo, unadvisable. During dive season one can experience a great assortment of coral reefs stretching all across the archipelago. Gargonian fans and large sea sponges abound the deep blue waters or the coral reefs. The reef is known to be home to more than 300 species of coral, more than 800 species of fish and 550 species of mollusks. Throughout the years, scientists have discovered many species of marine life that is unique to Gorontalo.

  • Getting There and Around

    Gorontalo is reachable via plane from Jakarta or Singapore. It is a 4 hour flight from Jakarta thru either Sriwijaya Air or Lion air. Regular flights from Singapore into Manado then directly to the Gorontalo are possible thru Trigana and Merpati Air.

    The traditional transportation in Gorontalo is known as the Bendi. They frequent many towns and are the best way to classically get around the area. To get around from island to island, you can take the local ferry. There are various ferry liners available depending on where you want to go. To travel via ferry it is always best to ask for an updated schedule regarding departure times and routes. Because of the sea currents and winds that reach the island from time to time, ferry routes to destinations may vary.

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